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Created in 2016, as the mind child of Felicia Fleischer Werner and Henrik Werner, Fleischer Werner  encompasses the passion of both families, for artistic expression, through generations. Fleischer Werner offers simple and clean handmade stainless steel jewelry, that reflects our core values; affordable items, contemporary design and personal storytelling.


Artistic talent is in the blood of Felicia. She grew up in a big artistic family from Borås and Stockholm, Sweden, as the daughter of a professional dancer, and a musician turned entrepreneur.


Her step-parents are also artists and actors. This background and upbringing in an artistic family, as well as her experience in retail and jewelry industry, is what helped her identify artistic jewelry as a medium of personal expression.


Henrik Werner is the creative director behind Fleischer Werner. He owned an international marketing agency, and is a creative analyst and a marketing expert, with an established global clientele. His grandfather Heinz’s craft shop in Sweden housed the best craftsmanship with a German intuition.


Our German background and German discipline has curated us to be hard-working perfectionist creators. Our mission is to offer women and men across the globe with high quality, hand-finished, modern and genuine jewelry products at a affordable price.


Our company, Fleischer Werner, is a celebration of our families, which we are very proud to show our generation.